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Canvas Saddle Coat- This is the perfect riding coat. Made of 12 oz. canvas it is plenty durable. The berber lining ensures warmth and comfort. With the fourteen pockets there is enough room to carry wild rags, gloves, flashlight or any other necessity needed while on the high desert. Colors available in Green, Copper, and Tan. Sizes s-3x. Price~$105.00+
Buckaroo Vest.
Made of 22 oz. pure Australian wool, this is a fine vest. Western cut with lapel gives this garment a dressy look. Colors available in Black and Charcoal. Sizes s-3x. Price~$69.95+

Ranch Vest.
This Western cut vest is a basic for any cowboy. Made of 22 oz. Australian wool provides warmth and durability. Naturally water resistant makes it superb for any type of weather. Colors available in Black, Brown, Charcoal, Red and Tan. Sizes s-3x. Price~$64.95

Canvas Vest. This rugged working vest is another cowboy favorite. Made of 11 oz. canvas with a satin lining. Western cut with a gathered back for a smart fit. Colors available in tan and black. Sizes s-3x. Price~$39.95

Nevada Vest.
This vest, with its leather collar and accents defines Western style. Made of 22 oz pure Australian wool with a satin lining. Snaps and zipper with gathered bottom make this a Classic. Available in black with tan collar. Sizes s-3x. Price~$76.00

Womens Vest.
This flattering vest is a must in every cowgirl's wardrobe. Made of 22 oz. pure Australian wool with satin lining. Stand up collar, zipper and gathered back make it very stylish. Colors available in Black, Charcoal, Red and Tan. Sizes xs-2x . Price~$64.95

Nevada Winter Cap. An absolute essential for the harsh winters of the Great Basin. Made of 22 oz. pure Australian wool with berber lined ear flaps. Colors available in Black and Charcoal. Sizes s-xl. Price~$22.50

Palm Leaf Hats

The Elko 45. This hat is a very popular style for the great basin. It has a telescoped crown with a 4-1/2 inch brim that is turned up on the sides. ~ $33.50

The Elko 50. This is a 5" brim hat in the same shape as the hat above. ~ $35.50 

The Flat Hat 40. This another great basin favorite. Telescoped crown with a flat 4" brim turned up in the back. ~ $30.00 

Cattlemen 40. This hat has the classic cattlemen shape to it with a 4" brim. ~ $30.00

Wild Rags
For those cold winters nothing keeps your neck warmer than silk. These silk scarves come in large, 34.5"x34.5" and extra-large 42"x42". Colors are solid and come in Charcoal, Brown, Copper, Green, Red, Blue, Teal, Slate, Black, White, Yellow and more... starting @ $20.00 & up.  


Calicos.These fine scarves come in large sizes, 34.5"x34.5" and display various prints.

Polka Dots have always been cowboy favorites. They come in large sizes, 34.5"x34.5". Colors Include Black, Charcoal, Green, Blue, Red and Olive.

Brand Print
scarves are a unique design that also come in the large size of 34.5"x34.5".