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Chinks & Armitas
These armitas are made from quality leather hand picked by the builder, Ty Openshaw. Weights range from 4oz. to 6oz. chap hides of varied colors. They feature a folded fringed apron over a connected one piece design. All armitas are made step-ins with long chevrons unless otherwise specified.
Available with the following options:
  • Two tone color schemes.
  • Double fringed.
  • Silver Spots
  • Scalloped Stitching
  • Contact for other options.
Base Price-$300.00



Specifications for regular chinks are the same as armitas only they are made with a two piece pattern. Options include:
  • Self tops(chap leather tops)
  • Skirting leather tops.
  • fringe under the tops.
  • double fringe
  • silver spots
  • Scalloped Stitching
  • Contact for other options

Base Price-$300.00

Nevada Chinks
Nevada chinks are a unique top design usually used on woolies or batwings. They use the same pattern that the armitas are made with, except there isn't a fringe apron on top and the two legs are laced together. Tops are made of 8-10 oz skirting.

Base Price- $400.00


High Desert Chinks.  These chinks are BIG! They Have the flashy extra large wings, extra long fringe and extra wide inside legs. The pair shown display decorative holes on a wavy top design and double chevrons. Laced Step-ins. ~ $400.00